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What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a system of treatment in which a patient with a certain set of complaints is prescribed a homeopathic remedy capable of causing symptoms in healthy people whose manifestations are similar to the patient's complaints. The remedy stimulates the body's natural defence mechanisms, leading to healing. The cause of the disease is treated, not only its consequences. Important is the individual in his entirety - physics, emotions, and psyche. Everyone has their own unique way of reacting to the situations they experience.

The brilliant German physician and chemist Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann laid the foundations of homeopathy as a lean scientific system. He was born in Meissen, Saxony in 1755.

​The law of similars is fundamental to the practice of homeopathy. It is based on “Like cures like”. This means that a substance is capable of causing and it is also capable of curing. A similar remedy acts as a stimulus to the natural vital reaction, boosting it in order to complete its healing work. Before a homeopathic remedy is to be prescribed, its curative power is discovered by testing it out. This process is called ‘proving’. Those provings are performed on healthy people with different ages and sex and during which any emotional, mental and physical changes are observed and recorded. We, as homeopaths, knowing the results of those proving gathered in many Materia Medica books could match the symptoms we see in the patient, during the assessment of a case. Giving the remedy, known that generates such symptoms in a healthy person, should create an artificial similar disease, but in fact, will eliminate the disease the patient is suffering from and lead to cure it from inside. In order to do so, the Homeopath has to gather all the patient’s symptoms and create its totality.

The homeopathic prescription is based on the totality of the symptoms observed in a patient - mental, emotional, physical and general.

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