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Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Calendula officinalis (Calendula) Marigold, is a plant of the family Compositae

Has a special effect on the skin.

One of the most important drugs for external use. It is almost specific for clean, surgical cuts or Excessively painful, open torn, cut, lacerated, ragged or suppurating WOUNDS. Hemorrhages, in scalp wounds or after drawing teeth, etc. Prevents pus. Promotes the formation of healthy granulation tissue and accelerates healing.

It has remarkable properties to cause local exudation and helps to expel dead tissue and helps them heal. It is very helpful for burns.

People in need of this homeopathic remedy are sensitive to damp or open air.

The mother tincture is prepared from the upper above-ground part of the plant, along with the flowers during the growing season. Its composition is complex, including mainly essential fatty acids. The available carotene and poly-saccharides, a certain amount of alcohols and terpene lactones, determine the antiviral and antibiotic action. Calendula can be applied homeopathically for the following symptoms with modalities: Fever with chills. Shivering in the back. The skin is warm to the touch. Strong sensitivity to fresh air. Torn headache. Heaviness in the brain. Wounds on the scalp. Eyes Eye damage with a tendency to purulent; after eye surgery; inflammation of the eye tear sac. Ears Deafness; deterioration from moisture and the development of eczematous conditions. It is better heard when traveling by train and when perceiving distant sounds. Nervous system Neuromas. Paralysis after stroke. Respiratory system High sensitivity to colds, especially in wet weather. Cough Cough with green sputum and hoarseness, with enlargement of the inguinal lymph nodes. Nose Runny nose with profuse foul-smelling discharge. Teeth Hemostatic agent after tooth extraction. Stomach Acids with feeling of nausea. Vomiting. Swelling in the epigastrium. Appetite The feeling of hunger in the child immediately after breastfeeding. Bulimia. Women Warts on the external genitalia. Uterine hypertrophy with heaviness and congestion in the pelvis. Stretchy sensation in the groin with pain during movements. Menstruation Lack of menstruation, which is accompanied by cough. Menorrhagia.

Lymph glands Submandibular lymph nodes are enlarged, painful to the touch.


Pain in the right half of the neck.


Cold hands.

The characteristics and use of the homeopathic product given here are only the most frequently used.

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