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How Homeopathy is Different?

680 I have pain, take root;
1370 The root is pagan, take the herb;
1830 The herb is poisonous, take a pill;
1940 The pill is bad, take an antibiotic;
2000 The antibiotic is synthetic, take root!
From an article about health on the Internet!

In recent years, we have witnessed that the market for medicines is flooded with numerous medicinal products of natural origin. This is an expression of people's search for other ways to influence their illnesses because apparently the old glory of antibiotics and other chemical drugs is no longer enough to support the belief that they are healing! Another form of aspiration for naturopathy  (natural remedies) is the increasing demand for such healing methods, which are based on stimulating the body and not suppressing its vitality. Nowadays, these methods are already widely known - acupuncture, apitherapy  (treatment with bee products), bioenergy  (Reiki, Prana, and others), therapeutic massage, herbal therapy and many more. One of them is Homeopathy, also called "gentle medicine"! What sets it apart from medicine that uses chemical agents having opposite effects to the symptoms (known as "allopathy") According to the principles of treatment! Homeopathic remedies themselves are different from natural herbal remedies in that they have been diluted to a microdose of their original substance.

The origin of the word "Homeopathy" is Greek: "homoios" - "like"; "Pathos" - "suffering" and reflects its basic principle: "the like is treated with the like" = "Similia similibus curantur".
And the biggest difference between the homeopathic and the allopathic (using chemical drugs) healing method is that the first cure is achieved by stimulating the body's natural defences, and in the second they are suppressed! The homeopathic remedy itself does not cure - it stimulates the body and by increasing its immunity, it exits the disease state. In Homeopathy, it is said that it is treated the sick person - not the disease!

The homeopath is focused on study and research on one medical system, while naturopathic research will look at different natural methods.

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